Farmer Friday ~ Purple Sage Farms

Food Miles: 28
Location: Middleton, Idaho
For nearly 30 years, Purple Sage Farms has specialized in growing a wide range of organic herbs, greens and vegetables. They raise over 250 varieties of crops, and nutrients are high and flavors are prominent. They are thoughtfully grown and proudly certified organic on the family farm in Middleton, Idaho. Purple Sage also features pasture-raised lamb and artisan products, including dried peppers and herbs, spices and kombucha.

Their farming practices start with promoting diversity and abundance of microbes in the soil. Livestock is raised for meat and the animal manure is composted to make fertilizer for plants. They build soil structure and microbe communities by tilling the soil as little as possible. Plant beds get a rest with restorative cover crops.

The Sommer family that operates Purple Sage Farms are fourth and fifth generation Idaho farmers that work in the field and the farm’s commercial kitchen. Building healthy soil and growing good food are their passions. Each member of the Sommer family helps to support the farm, from marketing, to IT support, to doctoring lambs, or repairing a farm truck. They work in the community to promote organic agriculture by mentoring new farmers, speaking at organic farming conferences, and serving on the board of directors for our local farmers market and producer cooperative. Purple Sage Farms is recognized for persistent and long-term advocacy for Idaho’s locally and organically grown food system.

At Lark & Larder we are proud to carry Purple Sage Farms Kombucha,
dried herbs and lamb.

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