Farmer Friday ~ Malheur River Meats

Food Miles: 73 Location: Vale, Oregon Rob and Michelle Stokes live with their daughters on a 265-acre ranch in Vale, where they raise grass-fed beef and goat, and pastured-raised hogs, chickens and turkeys. They started Malheur River Meats just short of 10 years ago to market the products grown on their ranch. They believe delicious meatContinue reading “Farmer Friday ~ Malheur River Meats”

Farmer Friday ~ Purple Sage Farms

Food Miles: 28 Location: Middleton, IdahoFor nearly 30 years, Purple Sage Farms has specialized in growing a wide range of organic herbs, greens and vegetables. They raise over 250 varieties of crops, and nutrients are high and flavors are prominent. They are thoughtfully grown and proudly certified organic on the family farm in Middleton, Idaho.Continue reading “Farmer Friday ~ Purple Sage Farms”