Maker Monday ~ Angora Amore

Carol of Angora Amore knits a beautiful collection of hats, mittens, and scarves, often using hand-spun yarn from her herd of angora rabbits! This local fiber is decadent and warm, and perfect for our chilly Idaho winters!

How did you get started raising angora rabbits?
I have been a passionate (some say “compulsive”) knitter for years, and it seemed reasonable that the next step in my personal development would be to make my own yarn. I purchased my first spinning wheel, an Ashford Traditional, and then needed a fiber source. The cat was not growing it fast enough, and we did not live where I could have sheep, so an angora rabbit seemed the perfect solution. That fortuitous decision was nearly 25 years ago, and I am so blessed to now be spinning angora, a gorgeous luxury fiber, almost exclusively. The yarn doesn’t have a dye lot but rather a name, as I track the bunny whose coat I am spinning, and his or her name gets included on the hang tag of the finished product, as co-producer. I couldn’t do this without the bunnies.

How many rabbits are you raising?
Presently I have about 10 mitten makers in my herd, in a lovely mix of natural colors including white, black, chestnut agouti, fawn, and even one chocolate bunny (no ears nibbled on).

What is the process from bunny to hat?
My bunnies are gently sheared by hand, in an unrestrained manner, every 3 to 4 months. Angora fiber is seven times warmer than wool, so shearing day is very much looked forward to by the bunnies during the summer! In the winter, as weather dictates, after shearing they wear a little jacket until their coat has regrown to provide sufficient warmth. Angora is an exquisite, totally renewable fiber.

Lark & Larder carries a variety of Angora Amore’s hats, mittens and truly adorable baby booties! And because most are made with angora, they are oh, so soft.

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