Maker Monday ~ Better Man Beard

We debut our Maker Monday with a profile on Better Man Beard. Better Man Beard produces all-natural beard care products for grooming and managing, producing a fuller, softer, healthier beard. We had a chance to talk with Justin Thomas, owner of Better Man Beard.

Justin, where do you base your business, and what inspired you to create Better Man Beard?
Home is conveniently located 1 mile from Lark & Larder! I started formulating our Original Beard Balm in 2014. It took 14 months and 57 batches before I deemed it ready to sell.

Most beard care products are made with fragrance oils and most beard balms are way too waxy. I set out to make an all-natural product that is both really good for the beard, and the skin underneath the beard. Our beard balms are less waxy so they are easy to apply, but still give some hold.

What’s special or unique about your beard care products?
We help you achieve healthy, beardy awesomeness by using only natural, organic ingredients and essential oils in our beard care products. No fragrance oils or petroleum-based products. Taking a look at our balms and oils, you’ll find a plethora of skin-friendly, environmentally-mindful ingredients, such as:
• organic coconut oil
• jojoba oil
• grapeseed oil
• shea butter
• beeswax
Along with natural, beard-enhancing essential oils like:
• spruce
• rosemary
• lavender
Even our beard combs are made with 100% sandalwood, which gently prevents static build-up, tangles, and snags while delighting your olfactory senses with its subtle smokiness. Compare that to cheap plastic combs, which can irritate hair follicles, distribute oils unevenly, and cause static electricity to build up.

Any new products on the horizon?
We have a new (non-beard related) product called R3 Balm. It is a topical pain relief balm made with menthol crystals and essential oils. The response so far has been fantastic!

Respect the Beard! We want to celebrate beardy awesomeness with No-Shave November! Watch this month for specials at Lark & Larder!

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