Farmer Friday ~ Malheur River Meats

Food Miles: 73
Location: Vale, Oregon

Rob and Michelle Stokes live with their daughters on a 265-acre ranch in Vale, where they raise grass-fed beef and goat, and pastured-raised hogs, chickens and turkeys. They started Malheur River Meats just short of 10 years ago to market the products grown on their ranch.

They believe delicious meat starts with happy, healthy animals. Each animal is fed natural feeds, and allowed to graze, root, mud bathe, and scratch around in their pastures. Their operation is Step 4 Animal Welfare Certified with Global Animal Partnership, and they are also Animal Welfare Approved at A Greener World. 

Malheur River Meats offers a wide range of products, including individual cuts, sausages and jerky. Most products are processed locally, except for the smoked-cured meats which are done with a 3rd generation smokehouse in Southern Oregon. 

Lark & Larder carries a wide variety of Malheur River Meats from
many different cuts of pork, sausages, jerky, and just in Christmas hams and prime rib!

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