Maker Monday ~ Grey Jays

Grey Jays is a local business making jewelry with reclaimed and ethically-sourced materials, operated by Lindsey Antram and Mike Lambuth.

What inspired you to start Grey Jays?  How long have you been in business?
Grey jays started as a hobby between myself and a dear friend while we lived and worked on San Juan Island, Washington over five years ago. We shared a love for reuse, nature and jewelry and began creating for friends and family. Since then, we have parted ways and the business has evolved to myself and my partner, Mike.

Can you tell us about your materials? Which pieces do you enjoy making the most?
All of our pieces are made from foraged natural materials and found, repurposed objects. I enjoy working with bone the most because every piece has its own story and we give it an opportunity for another life.

What makes Grey Jays unique? 
Our sustainable and ethical outlook is what makes our product and brand unique. We use only materials that we find in the creation of our product, and when we do purchase materials such as wire, we ensure we are sourcing it from ethical mines paying workers living wages.

What is the most important part of your work?
Our environmental and social advocacy is the most important aspect of our work. While we are here to create jewelry, we are more importantly here to educate the public on how to lessen the environmental impact by reusing what already exists instead of consuming new products. We focus and advocate for marginalized communities, giving a portion of sales back to the indigenous communities in which whose land our business is able to thrive on.

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